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Better Than the Movies
Better Than the Movies
Lynn Painter
Limba Engleză

From a tender age, before I even started second grade, my mom imparted to me the cardinal principle of dating. At seven, after being spooked by a nightmare about a giant cricket with a robotic voice that knew my middle name, I crept into her bedroom. There, I caught a chunk of "Bridget Jones’s Diary" on the old television before she noticed me by her bed. Unable to shield me from the movie's mature content, she cuddled up with me instead, and we watched the movie conclude on a positive note. However, my young mind was baffled. Why would Bridget choose the less appealing, boring guy over the more attractive, charming one? I totally missed the essence of the movie, instead falling for the allure of the playboy character. My mom's advice during that moment, her scent of vanilla lingering as she caressed my hair, has stayed with me: “Charm and excitement are fleeting, Libby Loo. That's why you should never go for the bad boy.” This led to countless similar bonding moments with her, where we delved into the world of romantic films. Snacking and lounging on pillows, we'd marathon-watch her collection of romance films, which was our unique way of exploring love stories, much like how others indulged in reality TV. This upbringing is probably why I’ve always been on the lookout for an ideal romance, capable of spelling "love" from a young age. After my mom passed away, she left me with a steadfast belief in fairy-tale endings. She taught me that love is omnipresent, always a potential reality, and always deserving of pursuit. The belief that Mr. Right, the kind and reliable version, might just be around the next corner kept me hopeful and vigilant, ready for when my own perfect love story would unfold.